Which HVAC Parts and Supplies Get the Most Use in Summer?

June 22, 2021

The blower, evaporator coil, outdoor condensing unit, thermostat, and air filter are all HVAC parts and supplies that work together to enable your air conditioner to remove the heat in your indoor air, leaving your Central New Jersey home cool and comfortable. You can prevent inconvenient and expensive breakdowns in the summer by taking certain steps to keep the frequently used HVAC parts and supplies discussed here running effectively.

Outdoor Condensing Unit

The outdoor unit releases heat from your home into the outside air. When debris builds up around the unit's base, it lowers airflow into your unit and negatively impacts its efficiency. When your unit is less efficient, you'll incur higher energy costs.

Keep fallen leaves, dirt, grass clippings, and any other debris away from the condenser. When landscaping your property, try to keep fallen leaves and grass clippings from landing close to the base. Restricting debris and leaving a few feet of open space around your outdoor unit helps keep the unit clean and allows for proper airflow.


The air filter traps dirt and dust, preventing those hindrances from collecting on AC components. A dirty filter can strain your air conditioner, increasing your cooling costs and shortening the life of other HVAC parts. To maintain reliable AC performance and efficiency, replace your filter regularly before it becomes too dirty.


The thermostat is your HVAC system's control center. It reads your indoor temperature and tells your AC system when to come on. When you use it thoughtfully, you can reduce the strain on all the other HVAC components.

The higher you set your thermostat, the lower your air-conditioning bills will be. Turn the temperature setting higher than usual when you're leaving home to make your cooling system run less. Program your thermostat to bring your home back to your preferred comfortable temperature about 30 minutes before you come back home.

Taking care of all of these HVAC parts and supplies will significantly lower the risk of AC breakdowns in the summer. Don't forget to schedule professional maintenance every year to allow for a thorough checkup of all important components. If you need any AC services and quality HVAC parts and supplies in Monmouth and Ocean counties, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors today.