What to Do When You Find Your Furnace Overheating

November 04, 2021

You should never ignore a furnace that's overheating. If you keep using an overheating furnace, you could cause significant damage that would cost you an arm and a leg to fix. What's more, an overheating furnace can allow deadly carbon monoxide into your house. Keep reading to find out what could lead to your furnace overheating, as well as the solutions.

How to Recognize When You Have a Furnace Overheating

When your furnace is overheating, you may notice a burning smell while it's running. The burning odor could be due to wires that have gotten too hot and are melting. Remember, it's normal for your furnace to give off a burning aroma when starting up after being off for a while. However, if the smell is constant or lasts more than 30 minutes, that's likely due to overheating wires.

An overheating furnace may also produce a strange humming sound, which indicates an overworking motor. Turn your furnace off when you hear a humming noise. Short-cycling is also a symptom of a furnace overheating.

The common causes of an overheating furnace include:

  • Restricted airflow
  • Dirty furnace components
  • Mechanical failure
  • Old age

Fixing an Overheating Furnace

Depending on what's causing the overheating, the problem may require a simple or extensive fix. The easiest thing you can do to try to fix an overheating furnace is to replace the filter. If you have a dirty filter that you haven't changed in a while, replacing it could fix the problem quickly.

Next, you can check the air intake and return vents to see if items are blocking them. Ensure there's no furniture blocking them or curtains draping over them. After checking your air filter and looking for airflow obstructions, the best option is to stop using your heating system and contacting an HVAC professional to diagnose the problem.

Homeowners are usually strongly advised against trying to fix their furnaces themselves because of the dangerous nature of the system's mechanical and electrical components. The safest option is to contact a local HVAC company. If you've found your furnace overheating or malfunctioning in any other way in Monmouth or Ocean county, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, the leading furnace-repair and maintenance company in the area.