What to Do If You Find Your Furnace Leaking Water in Winter

November 23, 2021

If you notice some dampness or puddles around your furnace, it could have a leak. Water can leak from furnaces for different reasons, but it’s always important to have prompt repairs done. This helps ensure that your home will continue to have dependable heating throughout the season. What should you do about a furnace leaking water in winter?

Causes of Water Leaks

Why might your furnace be leaking water? A high-efficiency furnace can leak water due to condensation, which builds up around the bottom of these heating systems. This can happen when your furnace has clogged or damaged tubing. Other parts of your furnace can cause leaks to occur due to damage as well. Your furnace might leak water if the secondary heat exchanger is broken or damaged. Water leaks can also happen if your furnace has a humidifier attached to it. The humidifier can cause a leak when it’s faulty, which usually occurs due to a lack of maintenance.

What to Do About a Furnace Leaking Water in Winter

When you have a furnace leaking water in winter, you should soak up the moisture so it doesn’t damage your floor or other surfaces. You should also have professional HVAC repairs done as soon as possible to fix the leak. HVAC technicians can identify what’s causing this leak to happen and make prompt repairs to it. This helps ensure that your heating system is able to run properly and efficiently for the rest of the winter. Keep in mind that you should also have HVAC maintenance done every year to make sure that your furnace and humidifier stay in good working condition. This can help prevent water leaks from occurring.

If your furnace has a leak, please contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors right away for service. Our HVAC company in Neptune City can provide you with timely furnace repairs this winter.