What is the best energy saving temperature for AC?

August 10, 2021

In the summer, 40% to 60% of your monthly utility bill can be attributed to air conditioning. It pays to know how to achieve a nice balance between energy efficiency and comfort. Let's help you out by teaching you the best energy saving temperature for AC systems.

Choosing the Best Energy Saving Temperature for AC

Many people will find a temperature setting of between 72 and 78 degrees to be optimal in the summer. A lower temperature will improve home comfort at the expense of your utility bills. The smaller the temperature difference between the outdoors and inside your home, the lower your cooling costs will be.

To achieve the greatest energy savings, set your thermostat to about 78 degrees when you're at home and require cooling. When you're sleeping, set it to about 82 degrees. When you're away from home, set the thermostat to about 85 degrees.

Although you can adjust your thermostat manually, it's better to use a programmable thermostat. You can set it to automatically raise your home's temperature when you're going to sleep or leaving the house and lower it before you return or wake up, in order to prevent any discomfort. With the latest programmable thermostat models, you can remotely program your home's temperature from a mobile device or computer.

Besides setting an energy saving temperature for AC, you can save energy and improve comfort in the summer by using ceiling fans, closing your curtains in the daytime, sealing and insulating your home, and having your air conditioner serviced by a professional. For more ways to increase both comfort and energy savings, contact the cooling pros at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. We've proudly served the heating and air-conditioning needs of homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties for more than 70 years.