What Do You Do If You Sense a Burning Smell from Your AC Vent?

July 27, 2021

When you crank up your air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer, you may notice a burning smell from the unit. Burning smell from AC vents is a problem you shouldn't take lightly. Remember, your air conditioner functions using an electric ignition. Therefore, it can pose the risk of an electrical fire. Here's more on how to handle the issue.

What to Do After Sensing a Burning Smell From AC Vents

When you notice a burning smell from AC vents while your air-conditioning system is running, your first step should be to shut off the system to keep you and your family safe. Next, call in an HVAC company to repair the problem.

So what are the likely culprits behind the problem? These may be:

  • A faulty motor. The motor may lack lubrication, or it might have accumulated dust. In both cases, the motor may subsequently overheat, giving off the burning smell.
  • Bad capacitor. A bad capacitor can make the motor overheat and give off the burning smell.
  • A different electrical problem. Your air conditioner could be having another electrical issue that could be causing the motor or a different component to overheat.

Whatever the cause of the burning smell from AC vents may be, make sure you schedule a repair as soon as possible. Don't forget to turn off your AC unit before calling the HVAC professionals. If you need any AC repairs in Monmouth and Ocean counties, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. For 73 years, we've provided dependable air-conditioning repair and maintenance services to our satisfied residential clients.