What Are the Most Modern Filters Available?

February 23, 2021

Modern HVAC filters cause a moderate pressure drop as compared to older filters. As a result, air flows more freely through modern filters. What's more, they have higher filtering ratings, meaning they're better at removing indoor air pollutants. Below are some of the best modern filter models currently on the market.

Lennox Carbon Clean 16

This 5-inch-thick filter removes smoke, pollen, and dust from your home's air effectively when your HVAC system is running at any fan speed. The pressure drop it causes is barely noticeable. According to the manufacturer, the Carbon Clean 16 can last up to a whole year before needing replacement.

3M Filtrete 2500 Smart Filter

If you're a tech lover, then you'll want to own the 3M Filtrete 2500. It is a smart filter that you can pair with a smartphone app. The sensor that the filter comes with detects when replacement is needed. You can read the sensor on the app. The manufacturer's recommendation is to change the filter twice every year. However, the sensor may tell you to replace the filter more or less frequently than that.

Filtrete Maximum Allergen Reduction

This 1-inch Filtrete filter is excellent at getting rid of dust, smoke, and pollen from your home's air when your heating and cooling system is operating at the highest fan speeds. It doesn't impede the airflow through your system. The manufacturer recommends changing this filter four times per year.

Aprilaire Healthy Home 213

With a MERV rating of 13 and thickness of 5 inches, this air filter performs well at removing airborne contaminants at both high and low fan speeds. The manufacturer recommends that you change it once a year.

Dirty air filters usually make your HVAC system run less efficiently. For that reason, make sure you always replace your filters as needed. If you need more information on modern filters, please contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. We've been offering premium HVAC products and services to homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties for more than 70 years.