What Are the Most Energy Efficient Windows on the Market?

July 14, 2021

Energy efficacy is a key part of homeownership and has a notable impact on your comfort and energy costs. The most energy efficient windows can help keep your home’s temperature consistent and lower energy use by reducing drafts and keeping hot or cold air from escaping your home.

Selecting the Most Energy Efficient Windows

When selecting energy efficient windows for your home, you should look at several factors that affect how efficient a window is. These include:

  • The Type of Glass. When selecting glass options, consider double-paned and triple-paned, as well as options such as air sealing with inert gasses such as argon to further increase energy efficiency. Consider glass with a low-emissivity glass coating that blocks UV rays and reflects heat and cold as needed. Also, pay attention to efficiency rankings such as U-value (which measures resistance to heat loss) and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient), which measures the opposite: how much heat a window lets into your home.
  • Frame Material. Material options include wood, vinyl, aluminum, and wood-clad, among other options. Each material can make for the most energy efficient windows if installed properly by a professional. However, there are differences in appearance, color, price, and design depending on which material you select.
  • Window Design. Some of the most popular window designs include casement windows, picture windows, and double-hung windows. Casement windows do a good job of reducing drafts but require regular maintenance due to their moving parts, the efficiency of picture windows is greatly affected by glass choice, and double-hung windows are common in many homes and are efficient, but they can be prone to drafts without proper care.

When You Need Professional Assistance

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