Movement-Activated Air Conditioning

August 21, 2018

Your next HVAC system could be a smart one, controlled by an app through a smart device. With smart heating and cooling, you can control the temperature from near or far. By adding some technology, you can also control humidity or get weather reports that can help you decide what temperature to specify. But that’s not all.

Among the latest innovations in smart air conditioners and heating system technology are motion-activated sensors. Does this technology make sense for your home?

What Are Movement-Activated HVAC Systems?

Movement-activated HVAC systems are among the latest innovations in a marketplace where the idea of increasing efficiency, not only to save money on utilities, but also to help lower carbon emissions contributing to climate change, is gaining ground. As the name suggests, these systems detect movement through a sensor and either turn the HVAC off or adjust the thermostat.

This technology has already found a place in commercial buildings, particularly in “green buildings,” where it’s crucial to turn off air conditioning and heating to unoccupied rooms. Their use in homes may be a bit trickier, as most homeowners want the system to cool or heat, even if no one is moving around.

Lighting operated by motion sensors has been available for a good while, so it’s not surprising that the HVAC industry would adapt this technology to air conditioning and heating.

But bringing motion-activated technology into homes has been a little more challenging, in that most homes have nooks and crannies, or oddly-shaped rooms so the sensors don’t work as well as in a building with an open plan. However, the HVAC industry has been working on improving the technology, and so no doubt many homeowners of the future will find it handy.

One type of sensor that might augment the motion-activated technology is a wearable smart device, with a sensor that detects body temperature and tells the HVAC system when to adjust the thermostat temperature.

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