Learn the Best Way of Handling Mobile Home Furnace Filters

October 21, 2021

Mobile homes need filters for electric or gas furnaces just as traditional houses do. However, there are differences in the way these filters should be handled. Knowing more about mobile home furnace filters, including when and how to change them, helps ensure that you have clean air and reliable heating.

Filter Location

Mobile home furnace filters are usually installed on the grill that ventilates the furnace. Traditional houses typically have a furnace filter compartment that’s located between ductwork and the furnace. Once you know where your furnace filter is located, you can check it to see the condition it’s in and change it if needed.

When to Change Filters

You should follow the recommendations provided by your filter manufacturer. Some filters might need to be changed more often than others. In general, mobile home furnace filters need to be changed more often during the winter, since your furnace runs more during cold weather. You might also need to replace your furnace filters more often if you have pets in your mobile home or if you have family members with asthma or allergies.

How to Change Filters

When your furnace filter is dirty, it’s time to change it. Furnace filters in mobile homes remove contaminants in the air and help furnaces run with more efficiency. For filters located on the grill, you should first shut off the power to your furnace. Open the grill, take the old filter out, then install your new filter. Replace the grill and then turn your furnace on again. Keep in mind that changing your furnace filters regularly will help your furnace last longer and need fewer repairs over the years. You’ll have healthier air with fewer contaminants when you have clean filters.

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