Know all the Geothermal Pros and Cons for Your Home

May 18, 2021

Geothermal energy involves harnessing the heat within the Earth's core to heat and cool your home. We've put together a list of geothermal pros and cons to help you understand this energy source better.

Geothermal Energy Pros

1. Reliable Heating and Cooling

The ground that geothermal heat pumps use stays at relatively constant temperatures throughout the year. Therefore, it acts as a heat sink or source to provide reliable cooling or heating. What's more, geothermal-based heating and cooling systems have fewer moving parts, so maintenance issues are minimal.

2. High Efficiency

Geothermal energy involves moving heat as opposed to creating it. As a result, geothermal heating and cooling equipment can operate at high efficiency. Geothermal energy can be as much as 300% to 500% more energy-efficient than most of the best furnaces available.

3. Environmental Positives

Geothermal energy does not involve combustion and is, therefore, more environmentally friendly than oil or gas furnaces. What's more, it naturally replenishes itself.

Geothermal Energy Cons

1. Expense

When talking about geothermal pros and cons, the upfront costs associated with implementing geothermal heating and cooling systems are considerably higher than those associated with other HVAC systems. That's primarily due to the cost and difficulty of drilling deep to access geothermal reservoirs. Nevertheless, the systems tend to pay for themselves in several years thanks to their efficient performance.

Rodents, shifting soil, and tree roots can damage a geothermal system's underground loops. When that happens, repairing the equipment can be difficult and costly.

2. Excessive Water Use

Some types of geothermal systems use wells. Such systems usually use a large amount of water.

Weighing geothermal pros and cons will help you determine if this option best fits your heating and cooling needs. If you need more information on geothermal systems and guidance on picking and installing the right geothermal equipment in the Neptune City area, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.