Leaking pipe under bathroom sink

Whether you hear a drip, drip, drip or see a puddle of water on the floor, the concept of “leaking pipe under bathroom sink” can really put a damper on your day. What next, you might wonder? First of all, don’t panic. The plumbing problem may be something you can handle yourself. Here’s what to know:

Assess the Problem

The first indication of “leaking pipe under bathroom sink” may be a water-soaked floor or cabinet. If the water leak is coming from the pressurized inlet valve, it will likely be immediately apparent. If a leaky drain line is the problem, it may not be noticed until the sink is used. P-traps are another common area for leaks to occur. The last common place mentioned for a leak in the drain is a faulty seal.

Water-Supply Leaks

Water supply leaks typically spray or continuously drip. The leak could be at shut-off valves or faucet connections. Shut-off valves with loose compression fittings can be tightened using two wrenches. One wrench holds the valve, while the other wrench tightens the compression nut. If the leak is at the faucet connection, use locking pliers if you can access it.

Faulty Seals

Over time, drain seals may deteriorate to the point that it’s the source for a water leak. The drain will need to be removed, wrapped with plumber’s tape, and reinstalled.

P-trap Leaks

The P-trap is the curved pipe under the bathroom sink. “Leaking pipe under bathroom sink” will occur if there is a loose connection, if it’s clogged, or if it’s corroded. Simply hand-tighten loose connections. For clogs, place a bucket under the P-trap, remove it, and shake out the clog. Corroded P-traps need to be replaced.

Time to Call a Pro?

Plumbing repairs, even seemingly simple repairs, like “leaking pipe under bathroom sink,” aren’t easy by nature. Considering you’re dealing with the potential for a water disaster in the home, it’s always wise to call in a pro with the knowledge, experience, and know-how to get the job done right.

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