How to Handle a Frozen Toilet Pipe

November 11, 2021

Winter weather in the Neptune City area can cause pipes to freeze, including toilet pipes. Depending on the type of toilet pipe that’s frozen, you might be able to flush your toilet once or not at all. Knowing how to deal with a frozen toilet pipe can help you lower the risk of water damage to your home.

Water-Supply Line

If the water-supply line is frozen, your toilet tank won’t be able to refill. When you flush, the supply line fills the tank with water again. A frozen supply line prevents this from happening, so you’ll only be able to flush once. Until your supply line is unfrozen or repaired, you can pour cold water from your sink into the toilet tank or toilet bowl. This should allow you to flush your toilet after using it.

Drain Pipe

When you have frozen pipes, your drain pipes have a lower risk of freezing. However, if you do have a frozen toilet pipe, you should avoid flushing your toilet at all. If you do flush, the water will back up into your toilet bowl since it doesn’t have a way to get through the drain line. This can lead to water damage if it overflows from the toilet. Pouring hot water down your toilet drain might help get rid of ice in the drain line.

Main Line

If your main line or vent stacks freeze, your toilet and other fixtures can back up. You should have professional plumbers handle this problem to reduce the risk of severe water damage. Keep in mind that you should avoid waiting for a frozen toilet pipe to thaw on their own, since this could take a few days or more.

If you have a frozen toilet pipe, please contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors for emergency repairs. Our expert plumbers can repair frozen pipes to prevent them from bursting and causing water damage to your Neptune City home.