How to Get the Best Air Circulation in Your Home

November 02, 2021

Having good air circulation helps improve your indoor air quality and makes your home feel more comfortable. This is highly important if anyone in your home has asthma, allergies, or similar health issues. You can improve your home’s air circulation in the following ways.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help keep air circulating in certain rooms or areas, such as your bedroom or living room. These fans move air around your home, which can also help it feel cooler when it’s warm out or warmer when it’s cold out, depending on their direction.

Open Doors and Windows

Opening windows and doors in your home can help boost air circulation inside your home. You can do this even in winter, as long as you only open your windows for a short amount of time, such as 15 minutes. Opening doors and windows allows air to flow throughout your home.

Have Ductwork Cleaned

The ducts in your home collect dust and other debris, which can end up affecting the airflow when your heating system or air conditioning is running. This makes it harder for air to circulate through your home while also lowering your indoor air quality and putting added wear and tear on your HVAC system. Having professionals clean your ductwork helps restore proper airflow. You should have duct cleaning done if your ductwork hasn’t been inspected or cleaned in a long time.

Change Air Filters

The air filters in your HVAC system need to be clean in order to allow your heating or air conditioning to run efficiently. Dirty or clogged air filters don’t allow air to circulate as much in your home. You should replace your air filters every few months.

Use Exhaust Fans

The exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen help with air circulation and remove moisture from your home. This helps boost your indoor air quality and prevents moisture damage and mold growth.

If you need duct cleaning or other HVAC services in your Neptune City home, please contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.