How to fix some of summer's most common plumbing issues

August 05, 2021

While plumbing problems can happen during any season, certain issues tend to occur more often in summer. What kinds of common plumbing issues should you watch for at this time of year? Keep the following information in mind so you can get professional plumbing help if needed.

Toilet Clogs

With kids home from school and friends or family visiting from out of town, your toilets might be more likely to have clogs during the summer. This can happen due to wear and tear on toilet parts from your toilet being flushed more often than usual. Someone might also accidentally flush objects that could cause clogs. You might be able to fix minor toilet clogs with a plunger, but you should have professional plumbers handle stubborn clogs and other common plumbing issues to prevent overflows and the resulting water damage.

Sprinkler Problems

If you have in-ground sprinklers, they can develop leaks or other issues when they’re used during the summer. This can happen when family members are running around the yard. Since you might not notice sprinkler leaks, keep an eye on your water bill. An unusually high bill could indicate that you have an in-ground sprinkler that’s leaking or be a sign of other common plumbing issues. Plumbing experts can make repairs to stop this from occurring.

Leaky Outdoor Faucet

Outdoor faucet leaks can be hard to spot compared to indoor faucet leaks. If you notice water dripping from your outdoor faucet when it’s turned off, you should have it checked. Plumbers can make repairs as needed, such as replacing worn rubber washers or tightening your faucet.

Issues with the Shower Drain

Your tub or shower might drain more slowly during summer if you and other family members are rinsing off a lot of dirt or sand. These particles can clog up your shower drain, causing water to drain much more slowly. Plumbing experts can clear out your drain so that water is able to drain at a normal pace.

If you need help with common plumbing issues at your Neptune City home, the experts at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors are here to help. Please contact us to schedule plumbing repairs as soon as possible.