How to Best Clean Your HVAC Unit

January 28, 2021

Your heating and cooling system is probably your home's most expensive and complicated device. It’s also likely the biggest energy user, which is why it’s so important to have a clean HVAC unit. You’ll have lower energy and repair costs, greater safety, and a healthier interior environment.

A clean HVAC isn’t hard to achieve. Between the cleaning you do and an HVAC pro’s contribution, you’ll keep your system running in top shape if you keep up with the following maintenance tips.

Keep the Air Filter Clean

It’s essential to run your clean HVAC system with a new air filter. As it traps more particles, the filter slows, and it takes longer for your equipment to condition your home. Dust also builds up inside your HVAC components, including the ductwork, which impedes its operation and contributes to faster equipment failure.

When you see a buildup of dust on the filter, replace it. Making it a habit to check the filter on the same date each month makes it easier to remember.

Maintain the Outdoor Condenser

It’s important to keep the condenser and the area around it free from debris, especially if you heat with a heat pump. Anything that blocks the airflow around the condenser will reduce its efficiency. Clean HVAC air conditioning coils transfer heat more quickly, reducing the system’s running time.

Clean the Registers

Keep an eye on the registers for dust buildup. Vacuum or wipe with a soft rag when needed.

Inspect the Ductwork

If you can see dust or debris in the ductwork when you inspect the registers, you may want to contact an HVAC pro for a ductwork inspection.

Get Professional Preventive Maintenance

Your system needs annual servicing from a licensed HVAC pro. They have the tools and training to make sure you have a clean HVAC unit. Your warranty may require such servicing, and it’s the best way to assure you have the lowest energy bills, highest indoor air quality and fewest breakdowns.

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