How Do You Know If You Need a New AC Compressor?

July 13, 2021

The compressor in your home’s AC system plays a crucial role in ensuring you have a cool interior throughout the summer. This component pressurizes the refrigerant that is needed to keep your home cool when it’s hot out. Since this is one of the main components of an AC system, it’s important to know when you need a new AC compressor.

Signs of AC Compressor Problems

The compressor in your AC system might show one or more signs that it needs to be replaced. You might need a new AC compressor if no hot air is released outside your home or if the compressor won’t turn on at all. Signs you may need a new AC compressor also include poor airflow, odd noises from your AC, and warm air blowing out of the vents rather than cool air. You might also need to replace the compressor if it keeps tripping your circuit breaker or if there are leaks around your AC unit. Energy bills that are higher than usual might also indicate an issue with your compressor.

New Compressor vs. New Unit

When the compressor in your AC system goes bad, should you get a new one or replace the entire system? You might consider replacing the compressor if your AC unit is under warranty. While you might need to pay labor costs to have this component replaced, you shouldn’t have to pay for the cost of the compressor. If your AC system isn’t under warranty anymore, you might consider having the whole system replaced. Replacing only the compressor in this case might cost roughly as much as getting a new AC unit. Whether you decide to replace just the AC compressor or the entire system, make sure you have experienced HVAC professionals handle it.

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