Does Your Neighborhood Dictate Which HVAC System Is Best?

January 19, 2021

When you explore your options for new HVAC systems, keep your Neptune City neighborhood in mind. Certain factors in neighborhoods can affect which HVAC system you should get for your home. Consider the following factors when you’re choosing new heating and cooling systems.


Your local community or HOA might have rules on excessive noise. While this usually means lawn mowers and similar tools and equipment, you should be careful when picking a new HVAC system. You should avoid getting an HVAC system that makes too much noise, or you could face complaints from neighbors about these sounds permeating your neighborhood. Many newer HVAC systems are designed to run quietly, but you should still make sure your new one remains in good condition. Your new HVAC system could end up causing too much noise if it malfunctions due to a lack of maintenance, for example.

Building Codes

Local building codes can affect HVAC installation. This is why you should always have a professional HVAC contractor install your new system rather than trying to do it yourself. HVAC contractors should be familiar with local building codes that are relevant to HVAC installation. Hiring HVAC experts to handle this helps ensure that you’re staying compliant with these codes. Professional installation also means your new HVAC system will be properly set up, which helps lower the risk of repairs.


Local HOA rules might include information on what kinds of HVAC systems are not allowed, such as window units. HOA rules might also dictate where outdoor HVAC units can be installed in order to protect property values. For example, you might need to have an outdoor unit installed behind your home instead of on the side of the house, where it can be seen from the street. Keep these rules in mind while going over your options for new HVAC systems.

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