When your furnace is working properly, it should deliver warm air without generating too much noise. While it’s expected to catch your furnace making noise as it starts up, other noises are indicating your furnace requires immediate professional help.

Here are some of the most reported furnace noises and what they could mean. If your furnace is making a strange noise, our friendly heating professionals are here to assist with the best furnace repair in Neptune City, New Jersey.

1. Furnace Making a Banging Noise

You could have a critical problem on your hands if you’re noticing your furnace making a banging noise. If your furnace is making a knocking noise, it might indicate there could be a couple of problems. These range from gas increasing in your furnace or a ductwork issue.

Banging Sounds Coming from Your Furnace

Your heating system turns filthy over time, so that’s why it’s critical to book yearly furnace maintenance with Aggressive Mechanical. One of the things our techs do during this appointment is clean your furnace’s burners. When this piece gets dirty, you might hear your furnace making a loud rumbling noise after ignition takes longer than normal. The subsequent gas buildup can break your furnace’s heat exchanger, where natural gas transforms into warm air. Any breaks in it can emit carbon monoxide, which is regularly emitted away from your home. This hazardous gas can be fatal in large concentrations.

If you’re aware of banging or knocking sounds coming from your furnace, Aggressive Mechanical recommends turning it off and reaching us at 732-806-5536. Too much natural gas in your furnace or a ruptured heat exchanger are dangerous problems that require immediate service.

Banging Sounds Coming from Your Ductwork

Your furnace uses ductwork to move heated air across your home. If the ductwork wasn’t put in properly or is getting old, it can be noisy when your furnace runs. This may be the problem if your furnace makes a banging noise when it shuts off. Call Aggressive Mechanical at 732-806-5536 and we’ll pinpoint the problem.

2. Furnace Makes a Buzzing Sound

If you observe your furnace making a buzzing noise, don’t delay calling us. A buzzing sound often indicates an electrical issue, like with its transformer, blower motor or capacitor.

Your furnace relies on an internal transformer to operate on the proper voltage. If wires or the box needs to be tightened, you may detect a low humming noise in the furnace when off. Your furnace also has a blower motor, which sends heated or cold air around your house, and a capacitor, which triggers the motor. If either of these pieces are failing, they will buzz when the furnace starts.

3. Furnace Rattles

If your furnace is making a rattling noise, it could be due to something small, like an unsecure screw, or something serious, like a broken part. In either case, we advise shutting your furnace off and getting in touch with our heating specialists at 732-806-5536 for help.

4. Furnace Squeals

If your furnace makes a high-pitched noise, like squealing, when it’s going, it’s attempting to alert you it needs some TLC. If you’ve skipped furnace maintenance recently, belts could be worn out or a bearing could need to be lubricated. We realize that maintenance sometimes slips your mind, but our professionals can get your furnace operating quietly again rapidly.

5. Furnace Making a Whistling Noise

When you’re noticing your furnace making a whistling noise, it’s frequently due to an air leak in your ductwork. You might also notice whistling while the furnace is operating if a floor vent is loose. If you’ve checked your vents but are still sensing sound, Aggressive Mechanical can help. It’s critical to get loose ductwork fixed quickly, because it can make comfort problems in your house and increase your gas costs.

6. Furnace Making a Grinding Noise

It’s not a positive sign if you hear your furnace making a grinding noise. This metal-on-metal racket usually means there’s trouble with your furnace’s blower. Shut down your furnace off now and call our pros at 732-806-5536 for assistance.

When you’re getting a strange noise from your furnace, Aggressive Mechanical is here to help. Contact us at 732-806-5536 to request your furnace repair appointment right away.