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Basic Principles of HVAC Air Duct Design

07 Apr
Basic Principles of HVAC Air Duct Design

The majority of heating and cooling systems in Monmouth County require some type of duct network to convey conditioned airflow through the home. The efficiency and soundness of duct design and how it affects conditioned air distribution makes a substantial difference in energy bills and comfort. So, it’s essential to get HVAC air duct design right. […]

Is Your Ductwork Falling Apart?

01 Apr
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No matter how well built, ductwork doesn’t last forever. Sheet metal, fiberglass, and flexduct can all develop age-related issues that compromise their energy efficiency and your home’s air quality. Worse yet, if the ducts weren’t properly installed in the first place, you’ll have problems right from the start. Replacing broken down or badly designed ducts […]

Flex Ducts or Rigid Metal: What’s Best for Your Replacement or New Home?

25 Feb

The performance of the ducts in your Monmouth County home can easily affect the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. During an upgrade or installation, the type of material, flex ducts or rigid metal, does not matter as much as the quality of the installation, because both materials have advantages and disadvantages. Installation […]