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HVAC Cooling Season Terms to Know

16 Jun
HVAC Cooling Season Terms to Know | Aggressive

When a problem crops up with your cooling system, it’s good to know some relevant terminology so you can discuss the problem with your HVAC technician and have a clearer understanding of the advice or diagnosis you receive. Here are some cooling system-related HVAC terms that you should become familiar with.

  • Air handler — This is the indoor portion of your cooling system that houses the evaporator coil, blower fan and condensate drain.
  • Evaporator coil — Located inside the air handler unit, this coil of copper refrigerant tubing absorbs heat from your indoor air.
  • Blower fan — The blower fan sits just above the evaporator coil, and it draws air across the coil for cooling, then pushes newly cooled air out through the ductwork.
  • Compressor — This is the critical outdoor component that pressurizes refrigerant and pumps it through your cooling system.
  • Condenser coil — Located adjacent to the compressor inside the outdoor unit is the coil of refrigerant tubing that releases heat into the outdoor air.
  • Refrigerant — This chemical compound travels through an air conditioner or heat pump’s refrigerant lines and coils. During the cooling process, it transforms from a liquid to a gas and back, so it can absorb indoor heat and release it outside.
  • SEER — SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It’s a rating given to cooling equipment to represent its energy consumption relative to its cooling output over a single season. Equipment with a higher SEER rating is more efficient, and the minimum rating allowed per the Department of Energy is 13.0.
  • Two-stage cooling — When equipment has two-stage cooling capabilities, it means the air conditioner or heat pump compressor has two levels of operation — low and high. These compressors operate on low for longer periods, so they provide better humidity control and enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Variable-speed blower — A blower fan motor that operates at a range of speeds is called variable-speed, and this type of motor can automatically adjust its speed for better control of conditioned air output.

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