What Are the Best Fan Brands to Have in Your Home?

February 04, 2021

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home. They facilitate airflow, improve IAQ, and lower your energy bills, not to mention that they keep you comfortable in both summer and winter. What kind of ceiling fan should you buy, though? It depends on where you put it and what you do with it. Here are our picks for the best fan brands of different types.

Best Overall Fan Brands

The best fan for your money is the Hunter Transitional 52-inch ceiling fan. Inexpensive and durable, it provides great airflow for medium-to-large rooms, along with a two-light fixture with a dimmer switch. It's quiet and well-balanced to prevent wobbling, as well as sleek and stylish.

We also recommend Westinghouse. One of the oldest and most trusted fan brands, models like the Turbo Swirl are not only high-quality but energy efficient in order to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping you comfortable for years to come.

Best Bedroom Fan Brands

For your bedroom, you need a fan that won't keep you up at night when it's running. We recommend the Durant 5-blade fan from Casablanca. Quiet but powerful and well crafted, it has four speeds to keep you comfortable. It is operated by chain, but you can also buy a remote or wall switch separately.

For smaller rooms, you might also consider the Emerson Modern Ceiling Fan. A three-bladed fan designed for smaller spaces, it has great craftsmanship and comes with a limited lifetime motor warranty.


Best Outdoor Fan Brands

Ceiling fans can also be used for patios, decks, and other outdoor areas. For use outside, you need a UL-listed wet fan. These are rated to withstand the elements, including rain, snow, and high humidity.

The Honeywell Duvall Tropical Ceiling fan is a great and affordable wet ceiling fan. Good quality and easy to install, it can be controlled by either chain or remote. The Fanimation Studio All-Weather Pylon is also a good, durable option, with three blades and LED lights.


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