What are the attic fan benefits?

August 26, 2021

Few things around your home equal all the attic fan benefits they provide in terms of your health, comfort, and budget. These fans exchange hot and stale attic air with fresh, outdoor air. In the summer, they help lower your cooling bill and keep the air fresher, which helps prevent mold and mildew growth.

Attic Cooling

Depending on the outdoor temperature and your roof type, your attic may reach temperatures of 140 degrees or more during the summer. That heat will naturally seep through the ceilings and warm your home. Not only does your attic drive heat through the ceilings, it also degrades the contents of your attic.

If you’ve ever compared the air temperature at the floor and at the ceiling, you’ve probably seen how much more heat gathers the higher up you check. If you run the attic fan long enough, you can completely exchange that hot air with cooler outdoor air, reducing the amount of heat your air conditioner has to remove, one of the most valuable attic fan benefits.

Fresh Air

Being able to pull in fresh air is another of the most important attic fan benefits. It helps keep excessive humidity that might result in mildew or wood rot in the attic from building up, regardless of the season. It also prevents the buildup of harmful gases coming from the attic’s contents.

Sizing the Attic Fan

These fans are available in a variety of sizes and features. Solar-powered fans don’t need attic wiring, and some fans are operated via a thermostat and timers. They come in different sizes, and it’s possible to install one that will let you use it as a whole-house fan. These fans let you take advantage of cool mornings and evenings to pull in fresh, cool air at a fraction of the cost of using your air conditioner.

The pros at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors are also ventilation experts and can show you the many attic fan benefits. They can help you size it properly for either attic or whole-house cooling. We provide expert HVAC services for homeowners in Monmouth County and the surrounding area.