Tips for Staying Ahead of Your AC Warranty During the Summer

June 08, 2021

Many homeowners void their AC warranty unknowingly, only to realize it when they have to pay out of pocket for a costly repair or premature system replacement. It's not always easy to keep your AC warranty valid. Read on to learn how to ensure your air conditioner stays under warranty during the summer.

Register Your System

One of the common causes of losing your AC warranty is failing to register the system with the manufacturer upon installation. Manufacturers usually give homeowners 60 to 90 days after installation to complete the registration.

When you fail to register your air conditioner within the required time span, the warranty becomes void or significantly reduced. Once you've had your new air conditioner installed, be sure to register it before it's too late.

Only Use Parts From the Original Equipment Manufacturer

When your air conditioner requires a repair, manufacturers will require that you only use brand-name replacement parts. Your warranty will be voided automatically if an off-brand part is used to replace any single AC component. Dishonest, lower-quality technicians will use off-brand parts to repair your air conditioner and use terms like "off-brand," "non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer)," "generic," and "aftermarket." Only work with an experienced HVAC company that uses OEM replacement parts.

Keep Up With Maintenance

The validity of your AC warranty also depends on regular maintenance. Most manufacturers will require you to get your air conditioner maintained by a professional every year and keep records of the maintenance visits. When doing quality maintenance, an HVAC professional will inspect your AC components to catch and fix minor problems before they turn into costly repairs.

An excellent way to keep up with maintenance is to sign up for an AC maintenance agreement. Such agreements usually offer two maintenance visits per year and discounted repairs and service calls. Consequently, you can be sure of never skipping the crucial yearly maintenance visit.

Keeping an AC warranty intact requires you to bear some responsibility. For more information on AC warranties and any other AC issues, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. Since 1948, we've been offering high-quality AC installation, repair, and maintenance services to homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties.