Make These New Year's Resolutions to Keep Up with HVAC Maintenance

January 06, 2021

Are you ready to make New Year's resolutions as we welcome in 2021? If you're at a loss as to what to resolve, how about starting with New Year's HVAC resolutions?

You know you could do a better job maintaining your HVAC system so that you can avoid costly repairs or maybe even a replacement over the next year. Good maintenance helps your heating system and air conditioner run right so they're working through the serious weather events that hit our region. Furthermore, maintenance can ensure that your system lasts a long, long time.

Read on for some of the best New Year's HVAC resolutions you can make.

  1. Change your air filter. Of all the New Year's HVAC resolutions you can think of, this is the most important. Changing an air filter ensures that the parts in your HVAC stay clean, reducing friction and improving performance and efficiency. Check your filter and change it once a month if you use an inexpensive, fiberglass type; maybe you could switch to a thicker pleated filter, which does a better job of removing fine particles from your air. Change these filters at least every three months.
  2. Have your ducts checked. If you've never had your HVAC ducts checked, this is one of the best New Year's HVAC resolutions you can make. Segments can come apart, and if ducts are in your attic or basement, they may be letting in dust and humidity. This makes it hard for your HVAC to cool or heat efficiently.
  3. Air seal your home. Over time, your house will settle, developing minute cracks that let in outside air and that allow conditioned air to escape. Check areas such as baseboards, window and door frames, electric switches, the attic hatch and around pipes, cables, and wires in exterior walls. Wave a lit incense stick to detect air currents, then plug these holes with weatherstripping, caulk, and insulation.
  4. Schedule HVAC maintenance. Call your HVAC tech and schedule maintenance today.

Do you have any other New Year's HVAC resolutions to suggest? Call Aggressive Mechanical of Monmouth County to learn more.