Is an AC vent booster good to have for your HVAC unit?

August 19, 2021

Although your central air-conditioning system should be keeping every part of your home cool, it might need some help in certain rooms or areas. An AC vent booster can help improve airflow for better cooling in warmer areas of your home. However, these vent boosters might not work as well in some homes. Keep the following information about AC vent boosters in mind.

Types of AC Vent Boosters

AC vent boosters are available as in-line booster fans and register fans. In-line booster fans are installed inside your ductwork in areas that need better airflow, while register fans are installed in different rooms and plugged into walls. In-line fans provide a more powerful airflow boost compared to register fans, but register fans are less expensive to install. In-line fans tend to work better in bigger homes or buildings that have complex ductwork, such as ducts with a lot of curves or bends. Register fans typically work better in smaller homes or buildings.

Why Use AC Vent Boosters?

You might consider getting AC vent boosters for your home if you need to cool off areas or rooms more efficiently. For example, you might have a room or two in a larger home that doesn’t get as cool as the rest of your house. AC vent boosters can provide these rooms with improved airflow to help them stay cooler. Keep in mind that there are limitations on how well AC vent boosters work. They might not improve airflow in certain situations, such as when air returns have blockages or ducts have air leaks. These problems need to be addressed to achieve better airflow before installing AC vent boosters.

If you’re looking for more information about getting an AC vent booster, please contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. Our HVAC technicians in Neptune City can help you determine if you should get one for your home.