HVAC Tips for the First-Time Homeowner

February 11, 2021

Did you just purchase your first home? Congratulations! You'll now have to familiarize yourself with everything in it, with the HVAC system being one of the most important. The following new homeowner tips will help you maximize the HVAC system's reliability and energy savings while minimizing maintenance costs.

Understand Your System

Start by finding out the type of HVAC system is in the house and the type of fuel that it uses. Ask the former homeowner for the system's inspection reports. Checking the reports will help you know what to expect from the system, especially if there's a particular recurring problem. Other things you should learn about the system include:

  • Age. Most HVAC systems start experiencing issues after 10 to 15 years.
  • Efficiency rating. SEER, HSPF, and AFUE are some of the efficiency ratings that HVAC systems commonly have. A more efficient unit will have a higher efficiency rating.
  • Warranty. Learn the warranty's terms and what might void it.

Replace the Filters

Replacing the filters when you move in will help ensure your system circulates clean air and works efficiently. Keep your system in tiptop shape by changing the filters according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Annual Maintenance

Your furnace and air conditioner should be inspected and cleaned by a professional every year. During the tuneup, the professional will alert you of minor problems that can be addressed so they don't turn into expensive repairs. Fall or spring is the best time to schedule HVAC maintenance.

Learn How to Operate Your Thermostat

You can use your programmable thermostat to maximize your HVAC system's efficiency all year. Use the different settings to keep your house comfortable when it's occupied and to save energy while everyone's asleep or on vacation. HVAC specialists can show you how to best program the thermostat.

Find a Reputable Local Company

You'll need to identify an HVAC company that you can entrust your HVAC needs to. Do some research and look for an HVAC specialist that has served your area for a number of years and can handle a variety of HVAC systems and services.

Take good care of your HVAC system right from the start, and it will reward you with reliability and energy efficiency. For more new homeowner tips, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. We've been serving the heating and cooling needs of homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties for more than 70 years.