How to Ensure AC Efficiency as Warm Weather Arrives

April 29, 2021

It's nice to finally get a break from cooler weather with the arrival of spring and summer. However, as the mercury rises, so do your energy bills in order to keep your home comfortable. To help keep energy bills down, it pays to know how to drive AC efficiency up. Here's what to know:

Stay on Top of Filter Changes

A simple device like your AC air filter can have a dramatic impact on AC efficiency in your home. The filter protects vital AC parts, like the blower motor, from accumulating too much dirt and grime. Use at least a medium-efficiency air filter for maximum protection and to help improve indoor air quality.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Many central AC units are split systems. This means you have a large outdoor unit sitting next to your house. If you have this type of AC, check the outdoor unit to make sure there are no blockages to airflow within 2 feet to maximize your unit's efficiency. Blockages could include garbage bins, weeds, or bushes.

Check Air Vents

Make sure dirt and dust don't build up on the air vents in your home, which could hamper airflow and AC efficiency. Use a vacuum brush or a damp cloth to clean the vents. Also, make sure floor vents aren't obstructed by furniture.

Schedule Pro AC Maintenance

Your AC system should be professionally serviced by your HVAC technician once a year. Professional AC service helps prevent breakdowns by catching small problems before they require major repairs. This will help your AC last longer, and pro service helps improve AC efficiency.

Program AC Temperature Changes

You can save energy and boost AC efficiency by increasing the temperature on your thermostat during sleeping hours and times of the day when no one is home. To save energy and keep your home comfortable automatically, you may want to consider installing a programmable thermostat for carefree AC efficiency. Or, opt for a more modern Wi-Fi thermostat or a smart thermostat.

If you have questions about AC efficiency or would like to schedule AC service, please contact the AC pros at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors today.