How often should you run your furnace blower fan?

August 31, 2021

You might have noticed the fan setting on your thermostat, but when should you use it? Your furnace blower fan is designed to move air around your home for better circulation. However, it doesn’t work as well under certain circumstances. Keep the following tips in mind with regard to using your fan setting.

Outside Temperature

Furnace blower fans typically run better when outside temperatures are mild. When outdoor temperatures are hotter or colder, your furnace or air conditioning needs to be able to operate efficiently. Running the fan along with heating or cooling makes this harder to do and could lead to more wear and tear on your furnace or AC. Having the fan on in mild temperatures can help your home feel more comfortable thanks to better air circulation. Keep in mind that your thermostat might have a circulate setting that runs for limited times rather than continuously.

Balanced Heating or Cooling

Furnace blower fans can help keep your home more evenly cooled or heated if certain areas tend to be hotter or colder than others. In these situations, it might make sense to run your fan for more balanced heating or cooling as a temporary solution, although you should talk to HVAC experts about more long-term solutions to this problem.

Air Circulation

Running a fan can help your home stay at a comfortable temperature if you’re unable to open windows to circulate air. For example, people with allergies might need to keep their windows closed in milder weather. Having your fan going can help improve air circulation in this situation.

The Age of Your HVAC System

You shouldn’t need to run your fan continuously (or even often) if you have a newer HVAC system. These systems have a fresh-air intake that brings in some outdoor air which might need to be cooled or heated. Running your fan can make it harder for your AC or furnace to handle this extra work.

If you need more information about using your furnace blower fan, please contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. Our HVAC experts in Neptune City can help you keep your home comfortable in any season.