How Can a Home Plumbing Diagram Help You?

May 27, 2021

If you're going to have extensive plumbing work done on your house, it's important to not go in blind. A home plumbing diagram is essential for understanding how your house's plumbing is set up. What is a home plumbing diagram, and how do you get one? Here's what you need to know.


What Is a Home Plumbing Diagram?

A home plumbing diagram is a basic drawing of the layout of your house. It shows where all the pipes are in relation to the various rooms. It's incredibly helpful to plumbers as they make repairs or upgrades to your system, particularly if they need to dig. The diagram shows what pipe they're working on in any given place, what it does, and where it goes.

Where do you get one? You can obtain a diagram of your home's plumbing by visiting your local registrar or county clerk's office. (You may need to pay some minor administrative costs to get it.)

Types of Pipes in Your Home

A home plumbing diagram tells you more than just where all of your pipes are; it also tells you what each of them does. There are four basic types of plumbing pipes, and your diagram will tell you which ones are where and how they connect.

First are the freshwater pipes. They connect directly to the municipal water supply and deliver fresh water to your faucets, your shower, etc. Then you have hot-water pipes. They connect to all (or most) of the same places, but they receive water from your water heater tank.

Then you've got waste pipes, which connect to your drains and carry your home's wastewater away. Finally, there's your vent pipe. Its job is to vent sewer gases from your plumbing system and let them escape, usually through the roof. Without it (or if the pipe is improperly installed), your water supply would smell like sewage.

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