Does the Normal Air Quality Index Affect HVAC Performance

June 03, 2021

The air in your home can have a notable impact on your comfort and overall health. The normal air quality index is a measure of several common air pollutants as defined by the EPA. The normal air quality index is commonly used to measure air quality in a geographical area, but it can also be used to measure air quality in smaller locations, such as a business or your home.

The Dangers of Low IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

If your home has low IAQ, it can present a danger to you and your family. This is because a low air-quality rating can indicate not only common outdoor irritants but airborne pollutants such as dust, molds, spores, pollen, and more. Breathing in these irritants can have a notable effect on respiratory health and can also greatly impact anyone in your family who may suffer from allergies.

How Low IAQ Affects Your HVAC System

In addition to health concerns, low IAQ harms your home’s HVAC system. If your HVAC is unable to properly filter the air, then airborne pollutants are continuously cycled through your home’s ductwork and your heating and cooling units. This can lead to buildup and can damage moving parts, increasing maintenance need and repairs and reducing the life of important HVAC components such as the fan, coils, or compressor.

When You Need the Best in HVAC Service

When it comes to your home’s indoor air quality, you want to know your home is in good hands. At Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, we have been serving not only Neptune City but nearby communities for more than 70 years. We want to make sure your home is a safe and comfortable place for you and your family, and we invite you to call us today to see how we can help improve your home’s normal air quality index.