Are There Advantages to Heating Your Attic or Garage During the Winter?

December 15, 2020

If you're like most homeowners, then attic and garage heating are probably not your top priority during the winter. Your winter-comfort needs may not include adjusting your thermostats to keep your garage and attic warm, or at a pleasant temperature. But are there any benefits of heating these spaces? Let's take a look at the advantages of keeping your garage or attic warm.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

When the temperatures in your attic or garage plunge to low levels, the pipes that run through them can freeze and burst. For instance, sudden cold fronts can put a chill on the water pipes that go through your garage and lead to freezing and bursting. Having a garage heater can keep the temperatures moderate and help protect you against potentially costly plumbing problems.

Make the Space Comfortable and Usable

Attics and garages can become uncomfortably cold in the winter. Adding some form of attic and garage heating will keep the temperatures comfortable and consistent. If people are around and nobody can go outside, you could then use the attic or garage as an additional room for playing games or as a hangout space or workshop, just to name a few options.

Storage Space

Items such as antique furniture, wood, wine, musical instruments, and artwork can be adversely affected by low temperatures. If you use your garage or attic to store temperature-sensitive items, it would be best to have a heating option in place. That will help prevent damage to the stored items.

Improved Comfort in the Rest of the House

Part of increasing the heat in your attic or garage is retaining it. This is achieved by adding insulation and air sealing.

A lot of your home's air can escape around attic entryways, garage doors, windows, and areas where utilities enter. Proper attic or garage insulation and air sealing help prevent migration of heat from your house to the attic or garage and vice versa. As a result, the comfort levels in the rest of your home increase.

Attic and garage heating requires research and effort. Always talk to an HVAC professional before choosing a heating solution for your garage or attic. For heating and cooling advice or solutions in Monmouth and Ocean counties, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.