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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Block Cold Air Returns

19 May
Here's Why You Shouldn't Block Cold Air Returns

Cold air return vents aren’t the most elegant feature in your home, but they exist for reason. These vents, commonly found in hallways or on ceilings, are absolutely essential to an air conditioner’s well-being. Cold air returns take in warm air from your home’s indoor spaces for use in your air conditioning system. Without that […]

The Importance of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

16 May
The Importance of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

With daily activities like showering and bathing, your bathrooms are the source of a lot of humidity in your home. Sufficient bathroom ventilation is essential, because excessive moisture can lead to mold growth, compromised air quality, extra wear and strain on your cooling equipment and higher energy bills. Here is some helpful advice about installing […]

Safety Tips for When You’re Working In the Attic

12 May
Safety Tips for When You're Working In the Attic

Working in your home’s attic can be hazardous, especially during the warmer months when rising heat can send temperatures soaring in this unconditioned area. In addition to the risk of overheating, there are other dangers lurking there as well, including tripping and falling, head injuries, electrical shocks and exposure to insulation. You can make this […]

What to Know About Washable Air Filters

09 May
How to Stay Safe While Working in Your Attic

Changing your air filter on a regular basis is an essential part of keeping your HVAC system healthy. Nearly every furnace and air conditioner comes with a filter that has to be thrown away after its used up, but washable air filters offer a compelling and potentially cost-saving alternative to the typical disposable air filter. […]

4 Tips for Quieting Your A/C

04 May
4 Tips for Quieting Your A/C

Even when they’re relatively brand-new, some A/C systems can produce loud noises upon startup. Older units may even produce loud noises throughout their entire operation. Not only can this bother other occupants in your home, but it may even give your neighbors something to gripe about. (more…)

Thinking About Building a Home Addition?

25 Apr
Thinking About Building a Home Addition?

Adding on to your home is a good option if you need more space but you’d rather not move. Whether you’d like to expand the kitchen, add a new family room, build more bedrooms or an extra bathroom, the project will require lots of choices and decisions. While your home addition is in the planning […]