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Thermostat Settings for Fall Getaways

10 Oct
Thermostat Settings for Fall Getaways

You’ve probably heard that setting your programmable thermostat up or down a few degrees when you’re away from home is a good way to save on energy. So let’s take a look at fall getaways and see how lowering the thermostat settings could work in your home.

Fall Temperatures in Monmouth County

Since fall officially starts in the temperate month of September and runs through December, the temperature you program for your thermostat is going to depend on what the weather is likely to be while you’re away. If you’re leaving in late September or early October, you’re probably not going to have to worry about freezing temperatures and burst pipes, while later in the fall, that could be a concern.

Generally speaking, if you normally keep your home at 72 degrees Fahrenheit, you can set your thermostat down about 5 degrees to significantly lower energy use. You probably want it somewhere between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Any lower, and you may have cold spots in the house where pipes could freeze.

You probably should have someone check on your home while you’re away, to make sure the heat is coming on and that there are no plumbing leaks or other problems that could damage your home. If you’re going to be out of pocket, give whoever you designate to look after your home authority with your HVAC consultant to arrange a visit in case of an emergency.

A Better Way

Programmable thermostats sure can help you save energy while you’re away, but a Wi-Fi thermostat is even better. These thermostats allow you to set and change the temperature through an app on your smart device.

You can also have your thermostat set up to alert you if there is a malfunction or maintenance is required. Additionally, you can receive weather alerts so you know if frigid temperatures are predicted and you need to raise your home’s temperature.

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