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Camping HVAC Essentials

05 Jul
Camping HVAC Essentials

More people than ever are discovering the joys of camping, as they take to the road to explore the country, piloting their motor homes or bus conversions, or hauling their shelter behind them in the form of travel trailers, pop-ups and truck campers. But in the good old summertime, camping can get downright uncomfortable in […]

Staying Cool for July Fourth

03 Jul
Staying Cool for July Fourth

The celebration of July Fourth is one of the most satisfying times of the year, whether you sit at home watching fireworks from afar or join in the festivities. Either way, you need to find ways to stay cool since the sun will be bearing down on you over the fourth and throughout the summer. […]

Let’s Get Technical: How Thermostats Work

31 May
How Thermostats Work

Before the invention of thermostats, maintaining household comfort usually meant a trip down to the basement to adjust the furnace flame or manually open and close vents. The advent of a mechanical thermostat to sense temperature and remotely control the HVAC system made central heating, and later central air conditioning, a reality in homes. Throughout […]

How to Use Your HVAC System as Mosquito Repellent

29 May
mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes are warm-weather pests that cause misery for Monmouth County homeowners. Every time they bite, mosquitoes inject histamine that causes intense itching, but these bloodsuckers are more than an irritation. They can also transmit infectious diseases like malaria, and viruses like dengue fever, Zika and West Nile. With the range of these potentially-harmful creatures expanding, […]

Checklist: Summer HVAC Prep

24 May

Summer will be here before you know it, and we’ll be turning on our air conditioners for the duration. The last thing you want is to have your A/C fail in the middle of a heat wave. So even though the steamy weather may seem far away, now is a good time to schedule summer […]

How Window Treatments Can Boost Energy Efficiency

22 May
Window Treatments

Optimum home energy efficiency is largely a matter of managing heat. Windows are a major source of unwanted heat gain and heat loss in most homes. On a summer day, solar heat energy passing through windows raises indoor temperatures, boosting monthly HVAC costs. On a winter night, conversely, heat readily radiates outward through window glass, […]

Reasons Your Air Filter Might Always Be Dirty

17 May
Reasons Your Air Filter Might Always Be Dirty

Every air filter that’s working correctly gets clogged up over time. The dirt shows that the filter is removing particles from your household air, as it should. But are you getting a dirty air filter more frequently than usual? This problem could occur due to a number of reasons. Let’s take a closer look at […]

Ways to Safeguard Your HVAC from Home Pests

10 May
Ways to Safeguard Your HVAC from Home Pests

Here in Monmouth County, there are a wide variety of home pests that can wreak havoc on your HVAC equipment if you don’t stay vigilante. A pest invasion or infestation can cause serious HVAC problems that include: Damaged equipment. Mice, rates, squirrels, chipmunks and other rodents can set up housekeeping inside the outdoor unit cabinet […]